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Bart van Dijk, about Digital Transformation, marketing automation, business opportunities and more....

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Innovate your business

Helping companies with digital transformation or marketing automation is my expertise. Creating automated marketing campaigns that stand out from the usual is my passion.

Innovate your business Innovate your business Innovate your business Innovate your business
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Why Choose me ?

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Digital Transformation

Combining all your data to maximise your service level. Only than you can REALLY do automation....

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Business Analyses

Combining first party data in a smart and original way with innovative technology and loads of personalisation....

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Data Analysis

After every campaign, you want to know its effectiveness. I can show the art of a clear and complete overview like no other. All information at a glance....

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Design Thinking

I'm convinced our privacy should be central to any project. Not only because of laws and regulations but also because it gives you the strongest grip on your data.....

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